Invasion - The History of Baccarat

The origin of the baccarat is far from crystal clarity; but the history of baccarat or how it evolved and became popularized can be traced.

It is mulled that the history of baccarat started by the end of 15th century or the late 1400's Middle Ages France. The history of baccarat ensued, as believed, when a certain Felix Falguierein was experimenting in playing tarot cards.

However there is another myth with the start of the history of baccarat. Some people believe that the game of baccarat began when nine gods prayerfully waited for a virgin to throw die with none sides to decide her fate. If the maiden rolled an eight or nine, the (closest to 9) then, she would become a priestess for humans to intervene to the gods. If the die rolled six or seven, she would not be made priestess and be banned to roll the die. If she threw a five or below, then she would be sacrificed to the sea drowning herself to death. From this play of luck, baccarat was created as the famous adaptation.

Whichever folk tale of the origin of baccarat, it is more important how gamblers have accepted the game as a great pastime. In other words, the history of baccarat nonetheless flourished from the day it started.

A second start to the history of baccarat came to happen when the French Royalty got hooked with the game and gave its share of equal popularity to all people across France. This is the reason why most people believe that game came from France (not Italy) taking from the game's French gambling terminologies (like the two popular ways of playing Baccarat - "chermin de fer" and "baccarat banque"). From France, baccarat became popular also in another European land - England.

Next in the history of baccarat are the rest of Europe, and then the colonies South America, and Cuba. It then spread to North America.

The Las Vegas history of baccarat came to happen only in the year 1950's when Tommy Renzoni, a known mobster taught it to some of his gambling game addicted friends.

And then, Vegas itself became popular. Everything that is played in the Las Vegas casinos are also played throughout the world. Hence, baccarat, being among it, reached its highest popularity rate.

Of course the game itself wouldn't become popularly posh if not because of its plainly simple rules and the classiness of just playing it (The low Low House Edge way).

The most latest in the history of baccarat is its evolution into the Mini Baccarat variety. Finally, the game of baccarat remains popular till these days.