Acknowledging the Different Types of Baccarat

Baccarat is a simple card game which has several variations that are being played all over the world. Among the types of baccarat that are commonly played are chemin de fer, baccarat en banque, punto banco, and the European baccarat. In Las Vegas Mini baccarat is a favorite game but somehow it is not fully a variation of the baccarat .

The highest possible score for baccarat is 9. Getting a score of ten means a zero card value. The hand value of the cards in baccarat is being determined by adding the total points of the cards. Having two cards for example that are seven and nine will give you a total of sixteen. To get the hand value of these cards simply discard the left digit and the right digit assumes its hand value. The hand value of cards with a total of single digit assumes that value of the digit.

One of the baccarat types that is being played in European casinos is the chemin de fer, mostly popular in French casinos. Another one in the types of baccarat which can also be seen in great plays in European casinos is the baccarat en banque. These two types of baccarat differs on the rule of how they are being played. In chemin de fer, the casino does not assume the position of the banker. The players are given each the chance to become a banker, while the baccarat en banque , the casino is the only banker who directs the game.

In chemin de fer also, a player may refused to accept the position of a banker if he does not want to. This type of baccarat is sometimes called rail road, because chemin de fer actually means "railroad". This is called such because of the movement of players, moving like a train in counter clockwise direction.

The number of players also differs in this two types of baccarat, the baccarat en banque can be played with only one hand while chemin de fer can have two hands for a player.

Another type of baccarat is the punto banco. In this type of baccarat, a player who may wish to cover on the whole bet of the banker may call a "banco".

The American baccarat ( now known as the North American baccarat) and the European baccarat have conflicting rules of the game. A player may draw a card on five, and the banker can decide to draw a card or not.

Played exactly like punto banco is the mini baccarat. This baccarat type is different from punto banco in such a way that it is being played on a smaller table, equal to the size of a blackjack table. The bank is the dealer who runs the game, which takes a shorter time to finish as compared to the usual baccarat time. Among the types of baccarat being played worldwide, more gamblers enjoy this type of baccarat because of its low bet requirement.