Ways to Win Baccarat

Winning in baccarat is easy primarily because the game has very low house edge. It seems that the game has been formatted for player advantage. Baccarat is game where you only have to wager between 3 possible outcomes on one of two hands. To win baccarat, the hand that you have wagered on must match up the hand of the winning hand.

In baccarat, 2 hands are dealt--- the Banker hand and Player hand. Thehouse edge of Banker bet is 1.01%. That leaves about 99% punter's edge! Player bet has a house edge of 1.24% and that also leaves around 99% punter's edge.

How is the winning hand determined?

A hand has two-three cards, and the winning hand is one with a sum of 9 or closest to it.

First, baccarat has a built-in point value system for the cards. Ace has a point value of 1, 2-9 have a face value. 10, Jack, Queen, and King have no value.

A hand gets two cards for each. The cards are totaled. If a hand has 8 or 9, then that hand wins. So is the bet on that hand. But if no hand scores of 8 or 9, drawing of card alone is following a third-card rule.

To win baccarat, you simply need to be lucky. There's no strategy have that rule any one player predict each outcome of the game. There are 6-8 decks to a shoe; card counting would only give a headache. Simply put, it doesn't work so might as well forget it.

If you win baccarat, you will be paid 1:1 Banker/Player bet. Seems like a small amount but given that baccarat is a high roller game with maximum bet, usually, of $5, 1:1 is a good return rate. $5 wins you $5, and $100-$100. If you win baccarat on Banker bet, a 5% commission will be deducted from your winnings.

To win on "Tie" bet, both hands must have the same score. If you want to win the baccarat, might so well stick to banker/player bet. "Tie" may win you 9:1, but considering its house edge, it is considered the worst bet in the game.

After the cards are totaled, the dealer declares the value of each hand. All losing bets are collected first before winning players are paid.

Again, there's no card counting system that can make you win baccarat. You simply need to be lucky. To win baccarat, the hand that you have wagered on must hit or match the hand with the highest total point value. But with the very low house edge in baccarat bets, to be lucky in baccarat is always easy.